Up to 50 billion devices will be connected to the internet by 2020. The digital transformation is reshaping the economy by enabling new ways of interacting with suppliers, partners and customers. At the same time, it is also paving the way for the Circular Economy.

As materials and products can be tracked along the supply chain, companies will be able to organize reverse logistics for products at the end of their life cycle, converting this potential waste into a valuable resource. Our innovative software solutions help all players in the circular economy to comply with current requirements and adapt to future needs.

circul8 is a comprehensive software suite to facilitate Circular Economy operations and to manage extended producer responsibility (EPR) obligations. It is modularly built to support different user groups, ranging from producers, compliance schemes and authorities to single carriers, recyclers, and their different tasks. circul8 accommodates various market requirements and grows with the needs of clients and users.
circul8 recognizes that each circular economy participant has their individual needs and provides direct access to their relevant information. Dynamic changes in the collection or supplier network can be smoothly managed. Operation managers are perfectly equipped to manage all activities and to monitor specific KPIs of their collection system. Additionally, circul8® connects with third-party tools, such as mobile apps, sensors or ERP systems and leverages available data in order to intelligently manage collection networks.
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Circul8 integrates all participants

Easy on-/off-boarding of users and companies
Real-time availability of information
Seamless data transfer


At Prodigentia, we know how to transform complexity into simplicity. Our suite of digital solutions is based on long-established expertise in managing collection logistics operations and material streams for producers, compliance schemes and waste operators. As a result, we offer a comprehensive solution which can easily be customized according to different requirements of our international customers. We are currently active in more than 20 countries across Europe, as well as in Africa, North and South America & Middle East.


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PHP Senior Developer

We are looking for developers

Would you like to work in a relax collaborative and innovator environment with opportuneties of professional growth ?

We are looking for developers with love for software programming (PHP,MySql, Javascript, Html) and capable to integrate dinamic teams and able to contribute to the growth of the business and also the IT solution portfolio.


  • English (advance)
  •  Prove experience in PHP (minimum 5 years);
  • Knowledgeable in  POO, Docker, kubernetes, HTML, CSS, JavaScript,Tests (phpunit),GIT, software development principles (SOLID,DRY, KISS,YAGNI,etc), API, TDD, CI/CD, refactoring, DP and software architecture.
  • Proactive, responsible and a Team Player
  • Knowledgeable  in Cloud computing (Azure,AWS, GC, etc)  it´s a plus.

You want to learn and improve software development apply to this position !!!

Send your CV to:

Tecnologias de Informação, S.A.
Avenida da Quinta Grande, nº53,
Edifício Prime, Fração 3B,
2610-156 Amadora – Portugal
+351 21 726 60 64 / 65

Prodigentia is the IT services provider for the Circular Economy.

Founded in 2003, Prodigentia provides software solutions that offer a secure, more effective way of handling compliance activities and waste management operations. Prodigentia’s portfolio includes solutions for compliance schemes / PRO’s, manufacturers, regulators, authorities and waste operators.

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