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Project Eye

Project Eye allows you to make all of the company’s human resources, as well as their relationship with customers. With this tool you will realize that no business is too small to devote time managing employees and managing thousands of employees need not be an expensive process.


Relationship Management (CRM)

Start by configuring your clients, using a powerful CRM tool. Create projects and tasks and assign the most suitable resources for achieving its objectives. Project Eye allows you to create a detailed data sheet of each of the companies you make contact with and create notes, so that, the next time you call, you will know the preferred method of contact, exactly who to talk to and what’s the situation.


Human Resource Management

Get full control over your human resources and optimize the allocation of their efforts with maximum efficiency. See who is available on holiday (or sick), set your cost per hour, calculating incentives and make your assessment. All in one place.


Commercial and Financial Management

Create more profitable projects to easily see who your most productive resources is and what to charge per resource / hour. With Project Eye you can create budgets with ease and thus calculate their cost estimates and billing. Now that you have all the necessary information inserted in your system, you can with just a few clicks, configure and report profitability, among others. And in the end, export all the information to use in your preferred editing tools.


Management of Projects and Tasks

Assign projects from your customers and create tasks for your employees with ease. Using a ticket system or by setting priorities manually, you will be able to see their response times and improve with automation of task assignment, configurable notifications of pending and delays.

Schedule the start of your projects and define exactly who will run and who will control the deadlines. Set your targets and automatically create your Gantt charts to monitor and ensure that your teams reach the milestones.