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GreenERP is a management platform, web based, intended for waste management systems. This platform was developed to allow all users to do a quick and easy job, optimising the management process. All of the functionalities and methodologies adopted in any stage of the waste’s life cycle, have been developed and implemented on this platform. If per chance it is not, then... We can create and develop them.
GreenERP is a solution created to manage all of the waste’s life cycle, complete and integrated, developed in a way that companies may obtain the best cost / benefit ratio in their activity, with an easy implementation and intuitive usage.
A solution which looks to answering the waste management demands of any medium or big company, with a national or international vocation.


It integrates everything which is really necessary to improve the company’s efficacy, that being statistical analysis; configurable reports, invoicing control, project management control; human resources management or operational management. It permits us to rationalise and enhance the series of processes existent in a company’s management, such as: financial, management control, expense management or even the control of the client’s database. It helps speed up reporting and the inter-departmental communication. It conciliates the operational management needs, analysis and reporting without having to duplicate processes or records.


All of this summarises GreenERP as a Business Intelligence Software. With an applicative platform that perfects the operational processes with their suppliers as well as with their partners and clients, Green ERP enhances its functional richness permitting an optimised management in its operations.


Learn more at greenerp.prodigentia.net or book a demonstration with no strings attached.



Automatic PickupsKnow More

Schedule pickups when you want and assign trucks and drivers to it. Plan everything ahead and let the system remind everyone of when the pickup should be done by e-mail or, by integrating it with an SMS service.

Audit LogKnow More

A system with so many users requires particular attention to security details. A vast number of security controls and protocols are in place, in order to minimize the risk of information disclosure.

The audit log provides information on all data changes in the system, including tracking the user and date when change occurred.

B2B PickupsKnow More

Negotiate prices per collection directly via web without the need of being on the phone with your supplier. Configure a form to fill in with all the necessary infomation to calculate prices and make this negotiation via web and having all information stored automatically to check later.

Participants ManagementKnow More

This functionality allows you to input all data related to your suppliers and collection points, from containers, waste streams, financial information, multiple types of addresses, users and contacts, documents and notes, as well as other information.

The information needed can be configured to your needs making the management easier and complete this type of information.

MilkrunsKnow More

Aggregation of orders for collections executed in a single route, and, by the same vehicle. This allows an optimization of the routes you'll be able to do and as well as the cost calculation for executing each pickup.

Customizable E-MailKnow More

Write your texts and configure when and who should get each e-mail without the need to be calling our support team. This E-Mails can also be configured by languages and can incorporate in the e-mail specific tags to include names, phones, waste characterizations, schedules and many other options.

CRMKnow More

Create the lead customer and follow your proposal trail with this functionality until it gets rejected or accepted. Make the proposal into a formal proposal with a specific layout document and send it to your customer. Convert this proposal into a pickup and invoice the customer without the need to re-create everything. Have your sales team organized and take all the information needed with just a click.

Document GenerationKnow More

Our powerful template engine allows us to create a pdf document with your layout. It doesn't matter the look, or the number of documents your company has, our engine can replicate it. On the other hand this power template design engine we can also pre-populate the pdf that gets downloaded with information taken from the database to fasten the work and improves the performance.

Electronic InterfaceKnow More

Stakeholders that have their own IT system and don't want to duplicate the workload of inputting data in GreenERP can easily connect using standard webservices.

The webservices interface provides all features available to collection points, carriers, consolidation centers and treatment plants through automated electronic data exchange.

Fleet ControlKnow More

This functionality allows the ability to manage your fleet and coordinate the team for maximum performance by assigning a truck and driver to each collection and control which trucks and drivers are available for transport. You'll also have the ability to control the distance that each truck and driver has done, as well as to control when a truck needs repair or when was its last routine maintenance.

Geo-ReferenceKnow More

GreenERP can georeference the addresses of participants in the database. The address is converted into latitude/longitude coordinates, which can then be used to calculate distances or generate maps using interactive third party tools. This can be useful as an input, to calculate carbon footprint, total miles/kms made by each truck or driver.

Invoices, Billing and Accruals ModuleKnow More

GreenERP system supports a very complex price matrix, including simplification of a price list by aggregating prices based on supplier, origin, destination or carrier, as well as criterias for prices depending on the stream, container, weight per stream, weight per container, container rental, treatment price, distance made by truck and many more criterias.

Reporting ModuleKnow More

The system includes a number of real-time reports (currently >20 reports), in different layouts, data and extraction criteria.

These reports can be made available to any stakeholder in the system simply applying the desired permission. Power users can create their own reports, using the reporting module.

These reports can be extracted to an Excel file, PDF file, Word Document and so on.

Re-UseKnow More

Ability to store all information regarding equipments that can be re-used, pieces that you've taken from equipment and what you need to buy to be able to complete a equipment and re-use it. This functionality allows you to calculate the profit you take from re-using equipment.

Traceability and StocksKnow More

The powerful traceability engine uses FIFO (First-In First-Out) to maintain a full traceability on the waste stock, no matter how many stops exist between collection and treatment. GreenERP manages stocks per category and waste source, in order to keep full detail on the available stock at all parties in the supply chain.

Manual traceability and manual stock control is also available.